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Personal Leadership and Development
Each one of us is creative. It is our ability to find adequate responses to new situations and new responses that breaks recurring patterns in our lives. Taking a pause to investigate our obstacles, to nourish the source of our inspiration and to make our imagination fearless and vivid can allow us to unleash our spontaneity and reclaim the unique beat we are meant to move with.

About the workshop
In this workshop we will deepen and align our personal awareness in the context of self, social, and professional relationships. Through play, improvisation, stories, theatre games, and psychodrama processes we will make new meanings and discover new creative choices we can make in our lives. We will work as a consistent group over 8 sessions to uncover the wisdom and power of an empathetic and creative community.

Who is this for?
Best suited for anyone who wants to expand their creative confidence and expressiveness in all spheres of their lives. Also for those who want to explore creatively patterns in their life that are holding them back from from stepping into teir power professionally, personally or creatively.
Open to everyone above 21 years of age. No previous experience of creative arts is required. Maximum group size will be 12

Fee: INR 14,160 /- (includes taxes, materials, beverages and lunch on all days) Financial support available for those who need it.

Time: 9.30 am to 5 pm; Venue: Vidyadeep College,
Ulsoor, Bangalore

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This November 2019, By the River - a storytelling intitative for adults in Bangalore presents three immersive workshops for deepening your practise and art of telling stories. Whether you are a professional storyteller, an educator, a leader or a lover of stories, these workshops will leave you inspired on how you can make your telling more powerful.

About Sue Hollingsworth
Sue has been a professional storyteller, workshop facilitator, leader and coach for over 20 years. Before she founded the Centre for Biographical Storytelling in 2017, she co-founded the International School of Storytelling, the longest established school of its kind in Europe and Storytelling in Organisations which pioneered business storytelling in Europe from 1997. She offers courses, trainings and workshops around the world- in the craft of telling personal stories, community building through story, story retreats for men and women on relationship and leading story walks in nature. Sue has been travelling to India since past two years, making her expertise and wisdom available to us in Bangalore India.

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About the Workshops

1. Begin Telling True Life Tales
9,10,11 and 12 Nov 2019

Telling stories from our own lives invites us to look at our past and consider what is worth passing on into the future. In this 4-day workshop, we will learn qualities and skills that would help us work with and share our personal stories with our communities impactfully. We will also ultimately explore how the shaping and crafting of personal stories illuminates what it means to be human.
Investment- INR 21,240
For up to 10 participants

2. Coaching for Storytellers
20 Nov 2019

This day-long session would be most beneficial for storytellers wishing to be coached on a specific story of their choice. Storytellers would be coached one on one in the presence of the group – thereby getting an opportunity to also learn from the feedback given to others. This session is open to only 8 storytellers and as a pre-requisite, all participants are required to come prepared with a story that they often tell.

Investment- INR 2,950

3. The Magic of Storytelling
27 and 28 Nov 2019

As an introduction to the delights of telling traditional stories, this two day workshop explores the most frequently asked questions about storytelling - How do storytellers make their stories come alive and how do storytellers remember all their stories? By the end of our time together, you'll have gained confidence ito tell a traditional story with conviction and take back effective storytelling practices. Suitable for those who want to be initated into the art of storytelling. No previous storytelling experience needed.
Investment- INR 7080
For up to 20 participants

** All prices inclusive of program fee, lunch, refreshments, materials and taxes

Venue for all the workshops - Vidyadeep College, Ulsoor, Bangalore between 9.30am to 5.30 pm

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If you want to know more or sign up for any of the workshops , drop us a message below and we will connect with you.