The art of possibilities- being CHANGE AGILe


Adaptability/ Leadership Agility/ Growth Mindset/ Change management


Given the context of change at a rapid rate in every way around us, what allows us to thrive is our agility to negotiate change. To be able to learn, adapt and innovate in the midst of change, using available resources is the key. It's being able to anticipate the best way to go forward despite not having a full picture, where conditions are constantly evolving and emerging. In this workshop participants experience what mindsets allow one to embrace change in the face of ambiguity and experience flow over resistance, by experiencing the core principles of improv theatre. Improv theatre is the prefect analogy for embracing and thriving in the face of ambiguity and unceratinty.

Program Focus

• Ability to stay in the present and focus in the here and now

• See others as resources instead of obstacles

• Embrace ambiguity and say “Yes And” to what’s present

• Focussing on making the other look good and seeking opportunities to contribute

• Allow oneself to be changed by the changed

• There are no mistakes only opportunities to learn and do things differently

Duration - 4 hours

For Whom

Ideal for intact teams, emerging leaders and across teams for building organisational culture

I have accepted fear as part of life- specifically the fear of change... I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back...

— Erica Jong