Co-CREATE Learning experiences with us


We love to co- create

We believe firmly that one size does not fit all. Contexts are as unique as the individuals who are a part of it. And so we take pride in crafting theatre and creative arts based workshops, leadership retreats, expereintial conferences and open learning events to meet the diverse needs of our clients who come from various sectors and distinct needs. Connect with us and we are very happy explore how we can work together to create outsanding and memorable learning events for your learning communities.


Leadership competencies we can address creatively along with you

1. Change Management

· Proposes new initiatives to improve management

· Creates a work environment that is receptive to change

2. Communication

· Simplifies complex issues and expresses ideas clearly and concisely

· Gets the message across with intended impact and ensures quality information is received

3. Diversity

· Leads an inclusive workspace that values differences and maximises the talent of each team member.

· Recruits, develops and retains a high quality, diverse workforce

4. Emotional Intelligence

· Demonstrates awareness of feelings, needs and interests of all employees at all levels

· Listens and expresses with compassion.

5. Feedback

· Encourages two-way communication about expectations, responsibilities and performance

· Approaches problems as positive learning opportunities for growth and development

6. Innovation

· Encourages creativity and experiments with innovative way of doing things

· Challenges people to create solutions to problems and take advantage of new opportunities

7. Learning

· Challenge old way of doing things, seeks innovation, takes risks and shares new insights.

· Learns from experience and modifies behaviour based on feedback

8. Facilitation

· Establishes meeting purpose, clear goals, action plans and accountability structures

· Encourages open expression of ideas and opinions on controversial issues.

9. Motivation

· Commits to high performance and achieve goals despite obstacles and opposition.

· Fosters a work environment that welcomes humour, joy and celebration of important goals

10. Relationships

· Cultivates a network of supportive relationships

· Explores way which encourage the heart and expresses appreciation for others contributions

11. Team Work

· Builds trust, enthusiasm and commitment to goals among team members

· Empowers people to build and sustain collaborative working relationships

14. Transparency and Authenticity

· Self expresses transparently, openly and authentically

· Demonstrates congruency between emotions, language, body, thoughts and actions

15. Vision

· Inspires people to think long term and fosters development of a shared a vision

· Anticipates future trends and communicates a compelling vision