lead with Stories- How leaders can tell stories powerfully


Narrative Leadership/ Communicating Organisational Values/ Authentic Communication/ Influencing through stories

Narrative leadership means unleashing the power of stories and storytelling to inspire purpose, communicate values and create connection with stakeholders. Impactful storytelling, today, is a core business communication skill for leaders and lies at the heart for building trustful and aligned relationships. Stories are powerful for they engage emotions and memories to get to the core of the matter, inspire action and help build communities. Participants will learn about the main types of stories needed at the workplace- how to find, construct and share these stories impactfully.  Reflections and practice in small and large groups will be combined with body and voice exercises inspired from theatre training, giving the participants several opportunities to practice telling a story many times in different ways.

 Session Focus

•       Tap into one’s inner resources for uncovering leadership stories

•       Practice crafting and structuring impactful stories, to suit different organizational contexts

•       Making one’s telling vivid and memorable by applying transition techniques

•       Making one’s presence- use body, voice and attention to audience authentic and present

Duration - 8 hours

For whom
For organisational and community leaders


“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”
— Dr. Howard Gardner