let's play-Increasing SPONTANEITY and creative confidence



Creativity/ Spontaneity/ Opening confidence/ Being bold


How can we incorporate more effective spontaneity into what we do? What would it mean to trust and take more risks? How can we experience effortlessness and flow in all that we do? What would it take to be comfortably authentic in diverse situations?

This  liberating day long program enables participants to re-connect with their creativity in unique reflective ways and reignite their spontaneity within. Spontaneity here is seen as the ability to respond in more than one way to a given situation or discover a relevant response to a new situation. The participants will be introduced to five practises of improvisational theatre, that allow one to experience spontaneity and flow:

  • Practise 1: Be present and listen
  • Practise 2: Take the leap of faith
  • Practise 3: Say yes
  • Practise 4: Affirm and add
  • Practise 5: Always be willing to surrender your plans

For Whom

Anyone who enjoys learning about themselves in playful ways and are desiring a rush of creative energy to stir things up a bit.

Bad improvisers block action, often with a high degree of skill. Good improvisers develop action.
— Malcolm Gladwell