Transformation is a creative process.

It is the deepening of our awareness when we go through an experience and how we are able to integrate our new learnings into who we are becoming, while letting go of old unhelpful beliefs and patterns. At Playspace, we believe that the ability to unlock our creative potential by embodying it, is the key to personal and leadership transformation, innovation and impact.  Theatre and creative arts-based experiences enable us to develop mindsets and practices to be resourceful, sustainable and inspiring in how we lead ourselves as well as others around us.




Everyone is creative and when we operate from a space of creative confidence, we:

  • align with our inner potential and discover new avenues to manifest it

  • are agile, open and thrive in the face of change, both internal and external

  • discover new solutions for existing problems or find the relevant responses to a new problem

  • live with a sense of purpose and connectedness to ourselves, others, our environment and to our planet, finding ways to add value to the world around us with the help of our gifts - be it in a personal or a professional context

At the heart of all our workshops we are committed to developing, expanding and leveraging the creative confidence of every individual.




We offer-

  • Powerful action learning and reflection workshops for groups and leadership teams within organisations. Click to read more.

  • To design experiential conferences to enable community building, initiating civic/ citizen movements and collaboration efforts.

  • Creative Facilitation skill building sessions for learning professionals, counsellors and educators who want to infuse the creativity ethos in their trainings and development work.

  • Open workshops during the year for individuals to expand their creative confidence and personal leadership development through creativity coaching.


The world of applied and participatory theatre methods along with creative arts processes, deeply inspire the ethos and design of our group learning experiences.  Expressive arts can enable us to surface the unconscious and open the doors to our inner life, while theatre and play can awaken our spontaneity and our propensity to act with inner alignment. The group members become contributors of wisdom through shared reflection and the learning process is a co-created journey empowering each individual as well as the group at the same time.

The world of creative arts teaches us how to wear our coat of confidence at all times, turn down the voices which make us and others small and encourage exploration by jumping playfully into the world of mistakes- to truly step into our creative power.





Madhu is a social artist based out of Bangalore, offering theatre and creative arts based experiential learning processes for groups and organisations, through Playspace which she set up in 2015. Since her completion of professional theatre training at the Ninasam Theatre Institute, Karnataka and The National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006, she has explored the applications of theatre for personal and leadership transformation across organisational, non-profit and educational spaces. She is also a certified Psychodrama Practitioner and an Accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Her storytelling initiative for adults By the River which she cofounded in 2013, has a vision of creating empathetic inclusive communities of storytellers for adults and enabling leaders to leverage storytelling to create positive impact in their contexts. Madhu is passionate about working with youth – especially helping young women to build the emotional and social skills to transition into professional life. She continues to perform as an improviser and is one of the cofounders of Improv Comedy Bangalore – a theatre group dedicated to performing and developing skills of improvisational theatre in Bangalore. Scuba diving, yoga and spending time with her cat help her recharge her spirits


Our clients


Madhu has been a part of Dream a Dream’s journey for many years now and she is an embodiment of what a social artist means in our context; someone who is able to take their artistic background and use it to create social change. Through her work at Dream a Dream, Madhu has helped us facilitate transformative experiences for important stakeholders in our ecosystem that has helped us scale the impact of our work across the country and build strategic partnerships that has help us further the vision of the organization. Madhu’s deep commitment to the arts and her deeper commitment to empower young people from adversity to thrive, makes her one of the best social artists I have come across in the country.

Suchetha Bhat - CEO; Dream a Dream