Yes Let’s - Building collaborative mind-sets



Collaboration/  Working together/  Co-creating/ Team Bonding


Theatre exercises serve as a great frame work for strengthening and deepening interpersonal relationships in a team. This workshop is designed to help shift a team’s work culture by encouraging the practice of collaborative mind-sets over competitive mind-sets. 

In this 1 day workshop participants will playfully explore and reflect on:

  • Why staying small does not serve the individual or the team
  •   Mind-sets that enable individuals to play big
  •   Collaborative practices that support the team to be big and collectively innovative
  • Making stepping out of the comfort zone, a welcome way of being

For whom

Ideal for intact teams that have been working well together and want to discover what will help them maximize potential collaboratively. Also suitable for teams that are forming newly within organisations and communities.


Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realising our greater potential.
— Joseph Rain