Creative collaboration



Collaboration/  Working together/ Team Bonding

This theatre based workshop will invite participants to experience and reflect what mind-sets and attitudes allow for establishing a collaborative culture when working as group. The workshop will use exercises from the world of theatre improvisations– creating unscripted spontaneous scenes by following specific norms of listening and ideating. To improvise means to create in the moment using available resources and is a collaborative collective effort. The participants will experience principles of improv through a range of exercises as a group and then reflect on how applying these mind-sets at work can transform the way they listen to each other and co-create at the workplace.


Program focus

·  Being spontaneous, flexible and open

·  Deepen trust by how we listen to each other

·  Create a culture that welcomes new ideas

·  Focus on “What can we build?” rather than “What is not working?” mindset

·  Co-creation critical to build together

Duration - 4 hours

For whom

Ideal for intact teams that have been working well together and want to discover what will help them maximize potential collaboratively. Also suitable for teams that are forming newly within organisations and communities.


Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realising our greater potential.
— Joseph Rain