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Improv for learning

March 26th  2018, Mon,  2 PM to 5 pm

OR  April 1st 2018, Sun 10 am to 1 pm


Improv theatre is the art of co-creating scenes, dialogues and monologues spontaneously. This is a three hour improv theatre  workshop for educators, coaches, counsellors and for those who  work with groups in unique experiential ways.



An award winning international theatre artist from Chicago he is a creator, director, improviser, performer, producer, and teacher.  Co-founder of the  the Chicago Improv Festival he has produced it for 20 years now,  in addition to teaching at The Second City for 16 years and being a contributing writer to their book on improvisation.

Workshop Fee: INR1500 per head

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10 & 24 March, 7 & 21 April & 5 May 2018
(All Saturdays)

Expressive Drama is about increasing personal awareness and expressiveness through play, improvisation, stories, theatre games and psychodrama - to create new behaviours, new meanings and new choices for participants. It is playful, yet sparks insight. It promotes spontaneity, emotional expression, autonomy and behavioural change. 

In this 5 part workshop participants will: 
• Deepen their awareness and knowledge of the self
• Explore the desired change and take steps towards integrating those changes through a creative process
• Expand their internal role repertoire and practise new roles and behaviours in a supportive environment.

This workshop is for you if :
• You are feeling blocked towards a change you want to see in yourself
• You desire to be more expressive and impactful, when you communicate
• You are curious about how drama can enable self-discovery

Time: 9.30 am to 1 pm

Fee: INR 5,900 (incl. GST)

*Open to everyone above 21 years of age
*No previous experience of drama is required
*You have to commit to attending all 5 sessions



A four series session of four hours each

24 JUN, 15 JUL, 5 AUG, 26 AUG - 2017


This is an improvisational theatre based workshop for connecting with and nurturing one's creativity muscles. Improvisational theatre is a collaborative art form, built on spontaneity and trust. Generating and connecting countless ideas. amidst action and discovery, the practices of improvisational  theatre enables us grow our listening, trust our impulses, adapt with ease and support others positively without criticism or evaluation.   In this workshop you will-

  • Explore and connect with your spontaneous self, through playing and active story-making in a group
  • Expand your golden triangle of expression- the body, voice and the imagination- progressively over the sessions.  
  • Creative reflections and conversations in a diverse trustful group
  • Explore why and how  to leverage spontaneity into other areas of your life




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I met me

A workshop series of 6 sessions

starting 24th september 2017

This is an intimate workshop designed for participants to explore aspects of themselves through play and drama based action methods, within a safe and supportive group setting. Drama based methodology allows one to express themselves creatively in action which can lend itself to meaningful insights. The group plays an important part of this process, both as a mirror as well as compassionate support. Themax group size for this workshop is limited to 10.


What will you do?

These six sessions are designed to allow you to-
• explore how you can act and be in alignment with who you are
• uncover and reflect on patterns that may be holding you back from living out your full potential
• engage your body, voice and imagination to experience increased spontaneity, for deepening emotional expression, have insights and move towards the desired change. 

*Attendance for all sessions are mandatory.

For whom?

This workshop is open to anyone above 18.This workshop is for you if you want to-
• deepen self and interpersonal awareness
• overcome fears and expand the roles you play
• bring authenticity into the quality of your relationships
• express and integrate blocked thoughts and emotions
• practice new skills or prepare for the future

and most of all you enjoy expressing yourself in creative ways.

Where and when?

The workshop is set in the serene green space of Bose Compound in Wilson Garden, Bangalore and will take place on 6 Sundays between September and November 2017.


The dates are as follows:

September 24- 6.30pm to 9.00pm

October 22- 9.00am to 12.00pm

November 5-9.00am to 12.00pm

November 12-9.00am to 12.00pm

November 19- 9.00am to 12.00pm

November 26- 9.00am to 12.00pm


Program Cost- Rs 4500/ for the whole program


About the Program Facilitators

 Shama Parkhe likes to be known as a passionate mental health warrior with a qualification in MSc Psychology (Clinical). She co-founded Hank Nunn Institute, a registered charitable trust, in July 2014, and presently works in the capacity of a Clinical Director. Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) is a not-for-profit organisation working towards developing affordable, accessible, culturally congruent treatment, awareness, and training services in the field of mental health. Shama has a keen interest in developing alternatives to traditional mental health practises by involving the larger community.


Madhu Shukla is a theatre based facilitator and the founder of Playspace. She has extensively explored the applications of theatre for leadership and personal transformation and through Playspace, she offers theatre based learning experiences for organisations and communities to practise authentic, respectful communication and deepen self as well as interpersonal awareness. She is a certified coach from the International Coach Federation and a certified Psychodrama Practitioner.





Workshop series in Bangalore to be announced

28 NOV TILL 10 DEC 2017

Sue Hollingsworth has been performing and teaching storytelling for over 20 years. She is an acclaimed, internationally recognised workshop leader as well as regularly performing programmes of both traditional and biographical stories to adults. She is Director of the Centre for Biographical Storytelling , a Founding Member of the Centre for Narrative Leadership, a Founder of the International School of Storytelling and Patron of the Amari Storytelling Project in Crete. She is co-author of the best-selling book The Storyteller’s Way: Sourcebook for Inspired Storytelling (2012)and is currently completing another book on telling true life stories. Her work takes her to organisations and communities all over Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, New Zealand and India.



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