Adaptability/ Open to change/ Growth Mindset/ Change management


Given the context of change at a rapid rate in every way around us, what allows us to thrive is our agility to negotiate change. To be able to learn, adapt and innovate in the midst of change, using available resources is the key. The practice of improvisation serves as a perfect analogy for experiencing ourselves in a spot where the plan ahead is evolving, the outcomes are emerging and where decisions have to be taken spontaneously.

This one day high energy workshop will explore how we can

  • Adopt a curious and open attitude
  • Overcome fear of failure and feeling of constraint
  • Deepen trust in one's ability to take risks
  • Listen and respond to create an emerging outcome
  • Creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages experimenting

For Whom

Ideal for intact team and groups  organisations.

I have accepted fear as part of life- specifically the fear of change... I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back...

— Erica Jong